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HELLO My name is Ishimwe Manoa. I am creative artist and humanitarian activist. And for the past 4 years I  have been teaming up with non profit organizations in eastern Africa. Such as UGEAFI who are making difference in the world by helping undeveloped rural communities and villages in Eastern Congo Region.

when i  reach out to a charity Organization. i ask them what they need and how much money its going to cost. We cart a fundraising campaign together and whatever donation we get we used that money to support the cost for certain beneficial projects for undeveloped communities..


since 2019 i    have teamed up with UGEAFI non profit Organization in Eastern Congo and help them raise money to help fund the cost of some projects they do.

we help over 400 student with some school supplies 

we have provided women with gardening tools and planting seeds for crops...  we also educate them about clean hygiene and about reproductive health 

we also want to protect women and young girl from rape and sexual violence    by building water fountains in safer area within the Communities so they don't have to hike miles sometimes in wildness to collect water

and there so many more amazing work these organizations are doing that           i am proud to be part of.

thank you so much for your donation.                                                                       Together we are making a difference in the world and thank you so much 


much love and appreciation                                                                           Ishimwe Manoa