Exclusive: Interview with artist Ishimwe Manoa

June 6, 2021 

Exclusive: Interview with artist Ishimwe Manoa 

by Ethan G 

“When people hear my music, I want them to hear the sound of Africa..especially EAST AFRICA because that’s the sound of home to me.” - Ishimwe Manoa.

Jukebox Mind got a chance to interview artist Ishimwe Manoa. We got insights into what creative process he follows to make his music, his new single “I LOVE YOU MORE” and much more! 

Q. First of all it is wonderful to have you on Jukebox Mind. Could you please tell us about your journey as a musician and how did you embark on this path? 

Ishimwe Manoa: Thank you so much for having me here today. It is a great honor to be here. As for the journey, it’s been a very interesting one, because here in Los Angeles everything moves so fast. So I had to learn to adopt and adjust myself to the new environment. That allowed me to find myself And that helped me find my place here in Hollywood as an artist and musician. 

Q. Our team loved the official music video of your single ” I LOVE YOU MORE.” Please share how did you come across the idea for this song? 

Ishimwe Manoa: Well I am glad you and the team loved the dong because I do too. I LOVE YOU MORE is a song about being madly in love with someone that you can’t imagine how your life would be without them. Great song and a great message for lovers. All my music comes from personal experience.

Q. What exactly is the creative process that you follow while making your music? 

Ishimwe Manoa: To be honest, for me every day is a creative process. I have found the creative process of making music for me very easy. Because every day I am learning something new, I am experiencing something new, I am meeting new people… and all these things help me when it comes to the process of making music. But also, I am still young so I am allowing myself to learn and grow as I gain new experiences in life.. so I want that to reflect with my music and work. 

Q. Your music is quite unique and has an amazing blend of your native dialect Kinyamulenge. How do you achieve that unique and marvelous mix of English lyrics and your native dialect in your songs? 

Ishimwe Manoa: I was born and raised in Mulenge, Democratic Republic of Congo. I strongly take pride not only in my country but also my culture as BANYAMULENGE tribe. By blending both my native language and English in my music, it allows me to keep my culture alive and give a chance to many banyamulenge youth that were born Outside of Congo. they can use English as crutches and learn my language at the same time.

Q. Personally, where do you find your inspiration and what inspires you to make such marvelous music? 

Ishimwe Manoa: Just Living in Los Angeles, It is such a big inspiration to me. I’m in a city where I can and I am building myself into something. A city full of talented and Creative dreamers, go-getters and hard workers. Hollywood is always going to be a sign of dreams comes true. It is motivating and inspiring to me as a musician and an artist. 

Q. If you could have one thing people remember about you and your music, what would that be? 

Ishimwe Manoa: One thing I want people to take from my music and my life, in general, is to try to BE IN THE MOMENT and HAVE FUN. When people hear my music I want them to DANCE, MOVE, SING ALONG and just BE YOU.

Q. What lies ahead for you in the coming years? What next? 

Ishimwe Manoa: What lies ahead for me next year and coming years is MORE growth, More opportunities and definitely MORE music because One thing I can say is THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. 

Q. Lastly, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers? 

Ishimwe Manoa: Thank you so much for everyone that continues to love and support everything I’m doing… from modeling, commercial and all the way to my music… I am grateful for your support… THANK YOU!

About the artist: ISHIMWE means “gratitude and thankfulness” in his native dialect of Kinyamulenge. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ishimwe Manoa is a Congolese-born artist based in Los Angeles. Ishimwe Manoa gets his unique sounds from fearlessly combining a unique fusion of Afro Dancehall and pop Music. From tracks like “So Fine” “TEKAWE” “I love you more” and HOME- you get a joyful, uptempo summer tracks, infused with evocative East African Style Ishimwe Manoa makes music not only to express himself, but also to represent his roots.


“When people hear my music, I want them to hear the sound of Africa..especially EAST AFRICA because that’s the sound of home to me.” – Ishimwe Manoa. 

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