ISHIMWE means “gratitude and thankfulness” in his native dialect of Kinyamulenge.

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  
Ishimwe Manoa is a Congolese-born artist based in Los Angeles.  

Ishimwe Manoa gets his unique sounds from fearlessly combining a unique fusion of

Afro Dancehall and pop Music. 
From tracks like “So Fine” “TEKAWE” “I love you more” and

HOME- you get a joyful, uptempo summer tracks, infused with evocative East African Style 

Ishimwe Manoa makes music not only to express himself, but also to represent his roots:

“When people hear my music, I want them to hear the sound of Africa..

especially EAST AFRICA because that’s the sound of home to me.” 

Music played a big part in Manoa’s upbringing. 
Now, committed to developing his artistry,

Manoa is ready to share his experience of life with the world through music.